Үнэгүй онлайн шатар. Цэвэр интерфэйстэй, бүртгэл шаардахгүй, сурталчилгаа үзүүлэхгүй, нэмэлт програм нэхэхгүй шатар тоглоорой. Та найзтайгаа, дурын хүмүүстэй, хиймэл оюун ухаантай шатар тоглож болно.
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  1. Wow! Really? Top menu back aga […] Insane_Knight No doubt, it will come back, and much better than it was before.
  2. Wow! Really? Top menu back aga […] elan-the-bard can we hope the the browse games thing is coming back? this is a nice […]
  3. Wow! Really? Top menu back aga […] knives It's great change!
  4. Wow! Really? Top menu back aga […] Insane_Knight No, really not at all. There are much more things in main menu, have a […]
  5. Wow! Really? Top menu back aga […] rise_UIED That's all nice, but now that <esc>-button-menu lost its reason to exi […]
  6. kicked out of game elan-the-bard I see. thanks for the prompt response!
  7. Wow! Really? Top menu back aga […] Insane_Knight Great news. Now Lichess is my favorite site again. Only "games" link […]
  8. kicked out of game thibault I'm moving lichess to new servers, I think it's going relatively well so far.
  9. kicked out of game elan-the-bard I was just kicked out of a game, and the server maintenance screen cam […]
  10. Save your moves in user analysis Neverness Seems good, indeed! BTW, you can type private notes, though. ;-)
  11. Save your moves in user analysis Insane_Knight Right now after you exit from analysis all lines are lost. This is not […]
  12. [Bug] In the captcha, the pawn […] Insane_Knight Is this really a big deal?
  13. Sort Games from other Players Insane_Knight Sounds like a must have feature for lichess.
  14. Submission Button for Correspo […] ttenley A Submission button would be nice to have to confirm move prior to submission.
  15. variant of chess (kunfu chess) Toadofsky Hey, I'd love to play that variant on this site! But I don't know how […]
  16. variant of chess (kunfu chess) andonuts Allow me the honor of being the first to karate (or Kung Fu? Is a Kung […]
  17. variant of chess (kunfu chess) lakdrcjbj Chess without turns on http://www.judochess.com/ look https://www.yout […]
  18. A positional exchange sac(can' […] hamworld05 http://en.lichess.org/4nF5QgVD I should've played a4 at some point, […]
  19. No mistakes and lost position Hellball No #10, GM is the non-gender specific title. It is in the standard FID […]
  20. No mistakes and lost position rise_UIED " ...and she is GM, not WGM." Pardon me, but aren't those two title […]
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