Үнэгүй онлайн шатар. Цэвэр интерфэйстэй, бүртгэл шаардахгүй, сурталчилгаа үзүүлэхгүй, нэмэлт програм нэхэхгүй шатар тоглоорой. Та найзтайгаа, дурын хүмүүстэй, хиймэл оюун ухаантай шатар тоглож болно.
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karimov 1890



DariusIV 2201
misaaa 2051
Michael134096 1966
andrewrun 1924
USCF2000Plus 1756
Rene1er 1744
nh41721 1642
And 3 more


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  1. Buffer on game scrollback karimov Same for me, I think there may be a limit of 250-300 games?
  2. Palestine Flag jrobichess I think the are is Hamas controlled now, the PLO is out of power. Do […]
  3. Buffer on game scrollback Clarkey Works on my end. Cannot reproduce issue. Try hard refreshing.
  4. Highly accurate endgame? hiwhatthehell The link doesn't work.
  5. Highly accurate endgame? MsCaroKann Our stockfish isn't very good at rook endgames anyway. Computers gener […]
  6. Swiss tournaments psuter To clarify what the main issue is, maybe: a rule for pairings in Swiss […]
  7. Palestine Flag Hellball Seems fair. The State of Palestine appears to have an ISO 3166-2 code […]
  8. The music of chess (or, at lea […] piskopos I listen to music while playing chess. I think be add music to site.
  9. The music of chess (or, at lea […] Hasimir NoTimewasters, done. Dreamwalker, I've watched them all now and you […]
  10. Highly accurate endgame? Hasimir It doesn't give up, it calculates from the draw position; first to see […]
  11. Rating History Fluctuations 1nate2nate *On the graph
  12. Rating History Fluctuations 1nate2nate Sometimes I've noticed my rating history changes... my peak rating wil […]
  13. Playing against myself Hasimir Careful! If you play with yourself too much you'll go blind! Or suff […]
  14. Playing against myself F_D89 This has potential.
  15. Playing against myself Huevon Happened to me as well just now.
  16. Buffer on game scrollback NoTimewasters Is it a bug that can be fixed maybe?
  17. The music of chess (or, at lea […] NoTimewasters Thank you Hasimir... pm me your address and I'll send you one of my albums :)
  18. About Thibault's and Clarkey's […] NoTimewasters ...but in the renaissance, all real men wore beards. Those who did not […]
  19. Saragossa opening good? piskopos Of course but this a funny game.
  20. About Thibault's and Clarkey's […] AdmiralA F_D89 is correct. Sporting a full beard makes it easier to hide a quee […]
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